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Born 1973 in Paris, David K is one of the most complete musicians from the French underground scene. David started DJing at the end of the 80’s and if you ever had the chance to see him play you might understand why he’s cut out to be one of the most talented DJs around. His technical skills are as accurate as his background is deep.

 2003 marks a next step in David’s career as he starts as a music producer with a first EP, ‘2Nite’ on Sismic Music, a small Parisian House label. In 2006, he released in collaboration with Dan Ghenacia, under U&I,  ‘Traffic Jam’ EP (FNC016) on Dan and David Duriez now defunct label Freak n’ Chic. A few releases later, in 2007, David was back with ‘Boul de Nerf’ (FNC020), probably his biggest hit ever. ‘Boul de Nerf’ opened him many doors: ‘it is probably one of my best sellers. […] It was both played by  minimal master Richie Hawtin at Amnesia in Ibiza and more house music oriented DJs’, David explains. Another Paris-based label that trusted David is Robsoul, run by underground house-music ‘gangster’ Phil Week. He respectively released ‘Funky Roll Quartet’ and ‘Yo Chicago’ in 2004 and 2008.

Figure of the Parisian scene, David also made a name for himself abroad by releasing a couple of powerful hits. One of them is ‘Mayann / Tender & Sugar’ EP on Sven Väth’s Cocoon imprint.

As producer or remixer, David K then made different appearances on labels such as Tsuba, Viva Music, Supplement Facts (Guy Gerber’s former label), Souvenir’s sub label Nau-Now and Varoslav’s Rue De Plaisance.

It’s only in 2014 that he released his first album ‘Out Of Range’ on Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir Music label, a project he has been working on for no less than 10 years. ‘It could have been my musical manifesto. I tried to show what I like the most between my musical roots and what I consider to be modern music’, David says. 2014 is also marked by his come back with Dan Ghenacia with ‘Middle-Aged Romance’ EP on Apollonia, a project in which Dan teamed up with Shonky and Dyed Soundorom. His track ‘Middle-Aged Romance’ opens one of the four-discs (ENTER.Terrace mixed by Apollonia) from Hawtin’s ENTER.Ibiza 2014 compilation series.

Besides his many releases in solo, David K also distinguishes himself as a remixer. His latest remixes, which gained critical acclaim, are a re-edit of Idjut Boys and Laj’s killer ‘Reggae Suicide’ as well as a remix in collaboration with Guy Gerber of Guy’s and Puff Daddy’s ‘Tourist Trap’ on Rumors (Guy Gerber’s new label).

With 15 years experience in the electronic industry, David has already played all over the world in clubs such as The Egg (London), Rex Club (Paris), Watergate and Panorama Bar (Berlin), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Space (Ibiza) and also in Australia, the USA, Mexico, Russia and Israel amongst others.

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 LABELS: LumièresLaNuit, TONESERIES, Apollonia, Rue de Plaisance, Robsoul, Freak n’ Chic, , Souvenir Music, Nau, Cocoon Recordings, Supplement Facts, Tsuba Records, Rebelone.




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