Born in 1979 in Aix-en-Provence, Nahim Bendjilali alias Nems-B, is the right artist we have been looking for from the South of France. He is a very approachable person, always smiling, laughing and speaking French with the unique and distinctive accent of Marseille.  Former DJ within the collectives WE ARE and Kick'N'Fat, he then joined Phonons, a non-profit organization that supports sound artists by providing spaces for expression. Today, Nahim is one of the executive managers of the collective, which expresses a specific taste for label ESHU’s music. Eager for new experiences, Nahim then created Deepness Road, a collective whose concept is to book artists for their music and the message they spread rather than for their charisma and fame.

In 2015 Nahim started a residency at the radio station C.C.R. He also plans to launch his own label very soon. With the close relations he maintains to artists such as Edouardo De La Calle, XDB, Fred P, Steven Tang and DJ Qu, we can expect some quality music from his upcoming projects. It's for his music selection, his accurate DJ skills with 15 years background, and his positive values, that Nahim was one of the first names which came-up when creating LLN’s roster.

Nems-B regularly plays in France where he is well respected. He has performed in clubs like Glazart, Le Batofar and La Java (Paris), Le Boutleg (Bordeaux) and Terminal (Lyon). He also makes regular appearences at One Again Club, Baby Club and Les Jardins Suspendus (Marseille) , a major party on a rooftop that faces the Mediterraneen see. In the South of France he also played at Smarties Bar (Nice) and the infamous Spartacus Club (Aix-en Provence). Nahim also spun records in festivals Audiphonix (FR), TLN (FR) and Believe Festival (Marseille) where he was also the Art Director and invited artists to play alongside him like Moodyman, Borderland (Moritz von Oswald & Juan Atkins), Mathew Jonson, Ben UFO, Jeff Mills.

Last year Nems-B moved up a notch with gigs at Silencio (Geneva) as well as at 60 Hz and the legendary Tresor club (Berlin) .

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LABEL : None






  • Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer (priority) or E&S DJR 400 rotary mixer
  • 2 (two) Technics SL-1210 MK2 with new needles, 2 (two) slipmats and a working grounding
  • 2 (two) Pioneer CDJ-2000 cd players (with link between players)
  • 2 (two) Active Speaker Monitors / High quality sound system

BOOKING AGENT: edouard@lumiereslanuit.com