Bärtaub  is an Istanbul-based duo formed by Mutlu San & Batuhan Güler. As in most of the duos, each of the members has his specialty. Mutlu focuses primarily on the music production, Batu is known by Istanbul’s house/techno aficionados as a restless DJ.

Mutlu San is a techno producer & DJ, sound designer and soundtrack artist from Istanbul. In 2014, he sound-designed the movie Watch My Soundtracks - Anarchic Harmony, which will be released as a soundtrack album on his imprint Polyfisch Musik. In 2015, Mutlu released his Leidenfrost EP (PTR003) on Petra Digital/Vinyl that includes a remix by John Tejada.

Batuhan Güler is a well established DJ in Istanbul. As one of the guys who kickstarted Indigo Club (2004), Batu was – along with his longtime associate Onur Özer – one of its resident DJs. He also used to play at Istanbul’s finest clubs Wake Up Call as well and Suma Beach, where he run his Hard Case Scenario party series. He recently started working as music director and resident DJ at Istanbul’s Hütte club.


David K is one of the most complete musicians from the French underground scene. Even though he started DJing at the end of the 80’s, it's in 2003 that David released his first EP ‘2Nite’ on Sismic Music. Whether it is about his DJ sets or the music producing in his sudio, his technical skills are as accurate as his background. Figure of the Parisian scene, David also well known abroad with the release of a couple powerful hits. Among them are Mayann / Tender & Sugar EP on Sven Väth’s Cocoon imprint or his Boul De Nerf EP on Dan Ghenacia's former Freak N Chic label.

Besides his many releases in solo, David K also distinguishes himself as a remixer. His latest remixes, which gained critical acclaim, are a re-edit of Idjut Boys and Laj’s killer ‘Reggae Suicide’ as well as a remix in collaboration with Guy Gerber of Guy’s and Puff Daddy’s ‘Tourist Trap’ on Rumors (Guy Gerber’s new label).


François has an unusual background. Before becoming a techno music producer, he was a promising professional snowboarder as part of the official French team. His life seemed to be dedicated to a professional sporting career until his many injuries put an end to this passion. François then moved to Paris where he started working as a bouncer for several clubs as well as organising his own parties. This is how he discovered his passion for electronic music. After spending some years working on his first project under the name of Egon Carter, he made a fresh start at the end of 2014 and launched Roisner, his new alias, and ‘Chambre Noire’, his own event, at the infamous Anita Berber (Berlin), run by Sammy Dee and Tom Clark. Roisner also did several apparitions as a live-performer at Anita Berber, Club der Visionäre and The Analog Society.


Yakine (Josselin Guerrache) is a discreet and multi-faceted artist. He juggles  two jobs, music producer and graphic designer. Josselin started his music career as a teenage guitar player in a band touring Europe before devoting himself to electronic music. He draws inspiration from artists like Daniel Bell, Fumiya Tanaka, Matthew Dear and Pantytec.
When it comes to performing live as a DJ, Yakine definitely stands out. He has played in more than 13 countries around the world.
You can find him cocooning in his Berlin apartment,  producing music and designing graphics, or behind the decks of the famous Half Baked's (after-)parties.


Roger is one of the most active producers of the Dutch electronic underground scene. He is also the co-founder of Eshu label. Either solo or with duo projects (Ivano Tetelepta), he always stays true to himself and to the atmosphere he developed through influences of deep techno and dub grooves. His references are 90’s hip-hop and dub, Basic Channel, Jeff Mills, Steve
O’Sullivan , Baby Ford, Thomas Melchior.
Roger played in several clubs such as: Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Grelle Forelle (Vienna), Rex Club (Paris), ARMA 17 (Moscow).


Vadim is a purist and perfectionist. Already known for his production skills, he remains, above anything else, a musician who discovered the pleasure of music through his classical training as a pianist and with the influence of artists like Frédéric Chopin. His references include Aphex Twin, Motorbass or Ricardo Villalobos.
Vadim played in several clubs such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Club der Visionäre (Berlin), Rex Club (Paris), Showcase (Paris), Fabric (London), Basing House (London), HENK (Amsterdam).
You can find him hidden in his studio, jamming with Jow and Edith Progue at Downstairs (Paris) or listening to Frédéric Chopin at his place.


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