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We at LLN have developed a close relationship to this artist, his music and his atmosphere. As all the artists LLN counts on his roster, Roger is remarkable for his simplicity, his kindness and his professionalism.

Born 1983, he has been one of the most productive artists of the Northern electronic underground scene over the past few years. That said, he also remains one of the most under-rated in his category. His productions stand out, but his live performances stay rare. He is respectively co-founder and founder of Nijmegen-based record labels ESHU (elected by Les Inrocks as one of the five labels worldwide that defines today’s electronic music at its best) and OGUN records respectively.

As a solo (Gasometric Run), duo project (for instance with Ivano Tetelepta, among others as Novio Dub Tribe) or with even more fellows (Dilated Pupils, Eshu, ARC#, A.L.M.A.), Roger always stays true to himself as well as the atmosphere he has developed through his Deep-Techno and Dub groove influences. He releases music on much respected labels like Fear Of Flying, Nilla, Sudden Drop, and Sol Asylum.

In November 2014, Roger appeared on LumièresLaNuit with original material under his alias Gasometric Run. He delivered a beautiful and meaningful LP which highlights his production skills and bright music spectrum as well as his passion for space and astrology. Whereas the first vinyl ‘New Moon’ confirms Roger’s taste for Deep- and Dub-Techno, the second, ‘Full Moon’, unveils his appeal to darker music. This proves a certain maturity and open-mindedness, two key values at LumièresLaNuit. ‘Lunar Phases’ is without a doubt a seamless and wonderful match with LLN’s atmosphere and philosophy.

Much respected as music producer, Roger is known as DJ too. He has already played all over Europe, Russia and Japan, performing in clubs such as Trouw and Studio80 (Amsterdam), Doornroosje (Nijmegen) but also outside of the Netherlands frontiers, at Fabric and Basing House (London), Concrete , Rex Club and Le Nouveau Casino (Paris), Arma17 and Rodnya (Moscow), Tresor (Berlin), Hoppetosse and Club der Visionaere (Berlin), Lärm (Budapest), Resolate (NYC), Flash (Washington) , Stereo Bar (Montreal) or even in South Africa. Furthermore, he has spun records in festivals like Paradigm (NL) or Herfstdrift (NL).

SOCIAL MEDIA: Resident Advisor I Soundcloud I Discogs I Facebook I Twitter  (Click on words to access links.)

ALIAS : Gasometric Run

IN GROUPS : A.L.M.A., ARC#, Dilated Pupils, Novio Dub Tribe, Eshu


LABELS : LumièresLaNuit, Ogun Records, Eshu Records, Fear of Flying, Nilla.


  • Ivano Telelepta & Roger Gerressen vs. Emerson Todd – The Attitude EP / Apparel Music (APLTD004 ; 2013) by Resident Advisor





  • Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer
  • 2 (two) Technics SL-1210 MK2 with new needles, 2 (two) slipmats and a working grounding
  • 2 (two) Pioneer CDJ-2000 cd players (with link between players)
  • 2 (two) Active Speaker Monitors / High quality sound system

BOOKING AGENT: edouard@lumiereslanuit.com / lion@lumiereslanuit.com