Born in 1986 and based in the Midlands, Tomas Rubeck is this kind of artists that LLN was looking for since the very beginning of the project. Musically close to LumièresLaNuit’s key artist Roger Gerressen, Tomas Rubeck – who released his track ‘Factions’ on the various 'Palette EP' on ESHU Records – fits best in with LumièresLaNuit’s spirit and atmosphere. Like for Roger Gerressen, Deep-Techno and Dub grooves characterise Rubeck’s music whose inspiration comes from the nature and the idyllic rural backdrop of his hometown. His love for details and perfection makes the sound design of his productions particulary refreshing from other artists in this fiercely competitive industry. This difference is due to the fact that Thomas doesn’t listen too much to music from other artists working within a similar musical framework. He explains. ‘It distracts from your own personal creative eye if you worry you are not doing what someone else is doing or try to replicate their style. You just end up drifting away from focusing on what you genuinely want to make, and it will never be a unique interpretation of yourself. ‘That's not healthy I find.’ Tomas Rubeck is an aesthete, a real sound architect whose music is captivating, intricate and intensely deep. 'I always fall in to a similar working pattern when making records. I have a habit of getting things to sound as deep as possible,' he says. And adds : 'For me, music that inherits a deeper meaning and soul has the greater power to induce a wider spectrum of emotions in a person, which in turn provokes a deeper thought process on the world around you. For me that's a nice place to be.'

Tomas and LumièresLaNuit share together a common set of values: the love of details and perfection, the focus on emotions and deepness and the distinguishment from others.

Tomas Rubeck has already played in clubs such as the Golden Gate (Berlin), Chalet (Berlin), Brunnen 70 (Berlin), Luxor Live (Arnhem), Doornroosje (Nijmegen), Spotlight (Birmingham), Custard Factory Arts Complex (Birmingham), and Havana (Leicester).

Tomas Rubeck has already played in clubs such as Golden Gate, Chalet and Club der Visionäre (Berlin), Luxor Live (Arnhem), Doornroosje (Nijmegen), Spotlight and Custard Factory Arts Complex (Birmingham), and Havana (Leicester).

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LABEL :  Animal Farm Records, Aula Magna, Lampuka, Kina Music, ESHU Records, Telrae.

BOOKING AGENCY : LumièresLaNuit.





  • Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer
  • 2 (two) Technics SL-1210 MK2 with new needles, 2 (two) slipmats and a working grounding
  • 2 (two) Pioneer CDJ-2000 cd players (with link between players)
  • 2 (two) Active Speaker Monitors / High quality sound system : Martin Audio or Function One